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Tour ghép đoàn khởi hành từ Hànội Khách sạn phố cổ Hànội Hanoi Map - Hanoi Information
Hà Nội - Hạ Long ngủ tàu (2ngày/1đêm)
Hạ Long - Cát Bà (2 Ngày 1 Đêm)
Hạ Long - Tuần Châu (2 Ngày 1 Đêm)
Hạ Long - Cát Bà (3 Ngày 2 Đêm)
Sapa - Hà Khẩu (3ngày/4đêm)
Halong bay vietnam - Halong bay tours - Halong bay cruise
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and its second largest city. It is smaller and less hectic than its southern counterpart - Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon ) and retains much of its old world charm.
Hanoi is a city of tranquil lakes, ancient pagodas and temples; charming French colonial mansions and boulevards; and the bustling street life of the Old Quarter.
Hanoi highlights include Hoan Kiem Lake , the Temple of Literature , Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and a number of museums housed in fine colonial buildings.
Discover the many stalls and markets in the Old Quarter, get measured up for a new outfit – ready in 24 hours, take a trip in a traditional ‘cyclo', and see the locals practising tai chi on the shores of the lakes.
Although nightlife and entertainment is low key compared to other south-east Asian cities Hanoi has popular chill-out bars, and clubs, and the puppet theatre is popular with all the family. Hanoi has some great places to eat including Vietnamese ‘street food', French-influenced cuisine, and international cafes and restaurants ,travel companies


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